Young Adults

Our young adult community meets together on Sunday nights at Antioch. We’re a group interested in Christian community, growing in our faith in Jesus and making a difference in the world.


Antioch is a young adults driven service for all ages. On Sunday nights we strive to create a space where we can encounter our living God. We do this through worship and communion services, with preaching, band led worship, prayer, and communion; Antioch Explore nights, exploring faith and life in creative ways; and by worshiping together with young adults from around the diocese at the Transitional Cathedral.

Monthly Schedule:

1st Sunday: 7pm Worship Service St Barnabas Hall

2nd Sunday: 7pm Meet at St Barnabas to car pool to Worship at the Transitional Cathedral, Latimer Square, 7:30pm

3rd Sunday: 7pm Worship & Communion, St Barnabas Hall

4th Sunday: 7pm Antioch Explore, St Barnabas Hall

Any 5th Sunday of the month we look to get out together and love those around us.

You can find us on Facebook at and on Instagram at @antioch_fendalton

The service is led by Young Adults Minister, Andy Dickson.

Young Young Adults Group

In 2024 we have a fortnightly formational group for those in their late teens and early twenties. Led by Youth Minister Nathan Muirhead, Claire Muirhead, and Young Adults Minister Andy Dickson, this group aims to guide young adults on their faith and life journey as they embark on a very transitional time of life. We do this through lunch, conversations, and putting our faith into practice.
The group meets at different church family’s houses fortnightly on Sundays from 12pm-2pm. 
For more info contact Nathan or Andy