Fendalton Postcard crosses the world!

Recently Anglican churches around the world were invited by the Anglican church in Riga, Latvia, to send them a postcard, to create an exhibition for Baznicu Nakts (The night of churches) when people visit churches around the city. Rev Jenny took up the challenge and here’s her postcard to them:

Letters among Friends

When Ben Wamamili first came to St Barnabas in 2016, he quickly became friends turned family with Graeme Robinson and his wife Jenny. We asked them to tell us about their friendship – they put pen to paper

Celebrating our Volunteers: Helen Wakefield

Helen Wakefield has been sharing the gospel and loving children and their parents for more than a decade in her volunteer roles with Launchpad (formerly Bible in Schools) and the St Barnabas Playgroup.

Celebrating our Volunteers: Nicholas Baker

This month we are celebrating some of our many volunteers by sharing their stories. Nicholas Baker is a familiar face around St Barnabas both in and outside the church.

Fun in the Sun!

Are you looking for an afternoon of fun, fellowship, sights, and awesome afternoon teas?