Worship Services

Learn about our amazing programmes and opportunities
to worship, to learn more about God and to serve.

All Are Welcome

St Barnabas is a diverse Anglican Church and we love welcoming newcomers and helping them to feel at home. Each week we celebrate God’s amazing welcome as we share in communion and so it’s natural for us to want to share that welcome to others. So why not join us at any of our regular weekly meeting times? – you’ll find friendship and a community to share the journey of faith with.

Welcoming and Hospitality

Part of belonging involves making a decision to serve someone else – and that’s why volunteering in some ministry area is so important – you serve God, the community, and also, as a spin off, you feel more at home! If you would like to join a welcoming or hospitality team, please see one of the parish staff – greeting or pouring tea will really help you get to know others, and feel part of our community!


Choir: If you are interested in singing and would like to join either the Sunday morning (fortnightly) or Sunday evening (weekly) Choir, please contact Denis Guyan on 343 4074.

Lifestreams Band: If you sing or play an instrument and would like to join the Lifestreams Band please contact Liz Yeoh on 027 338 3053

An Invitation

Our parish is a community of ordinary people seeking to follow Jesus and extending God’s love in our families, places of work and community. We do this in a whole variety of ways. We invite you to become part of our church family by attending a worship service and getting involved in our community life together.


‘Lifestreams’ Contemporary Service with Kidzone and Bubbles (Creche)


                Sunday 10.00am              in the Hall

‘Antioch’ Young Adults Service – all welcome

Sunday 7pm in the Hall


Quiet Traditional Communion Service

Sunday 8am in the Church

Eucharist with Hymns

                  Sunday 9.30am   in the Church   

Evensong (1st,3rd,5th Sundays), Night Prayer (2nd Sunday), Eucharist (4th Sunday) – all with the Parish Choir

Sunday 5pm in the Church


Tongan Service

Sunday 12.30pm in the Church

Traditional Communion with Hymn

Thursday 10am in the Church