Nearby And Far Away

What is the Mission of St Barnabas?

As a stone church, St Barnabas looks rather solid and immovable! However the people of the parish have been on the move, following Jesus and being involved in His mission for over 100 years. Our mission is to get involved with whatever He is doing through His Spirit in the community – to discern what He’s up to and join in! We believe our mission grows out of and is established upon the mission of God to all the world – it’s big – very big – but it’s also very local – as local as every individual person in our streets and neighbourhoods.

And it’s a great privilege to be called to this task – it gives energy, purpose and lots of joy! Our parish exists to hear and understand about our loving God and His purpose for everyone, and then to use our local church as a kind of base camp for operations within our community. Not just inviting people to come – although that’s important, but summoning God’s people to go and connect up with people, show compassion and tell them about Jesus!

Supporting Overseas Mission Partners

The parish supports Nick and Tessa Laing – mission partners undertaking medical and community justice work in Uganda. Check out their blog at https://ugandapanda.com/

Christmas Hamper Appeal

What better time of year to think about those in need around our city than Christmas time?  This appeal is for those in need on our own doorstep – the eastern side of our city. We donate frozen chickens, frozen veges and anything that can be used for a Christmas Day meal. The food goes over to our Linwood-Aranui parish to be distributed to families in time for Christmas Day.

We also collect new toys for the Chch City Mission toy supermarket for parents to choose toys for their children.

This is a great way to share the love of God in a practical way. Get involved and make a difference!

Winter Appeal

We also make a winter collection of blankets, and woollen socks for the Linwood-Aranui parish, and collect sleeping bags for use by homeless clients of the Chch City Mission.