Congratulations to Andy Dickson, St Barnabas Fendalton’s Young Adults Worker, whose children’s picture book, ‘Three Things to Know: An E Tū Tāngata Story’, is now a New Zealand best seller.

Last September Andy released the book in partnership with E Tū Tāngata (Stand Together), a Christchurch based initiative focussed on combating Tall Poppy Syndrome and changing our culture so every person is valued. They are doing this through the promotion of three key ideas, or strands, that get to the heart of Tall Poppy Syndrome and undermine it: 1) You have value – no matter who you are and what you do; 2) We succeed together – we can achieve more together than on our own; 3) Others matter – choosing to act in a way that reminds everyone that they have value too.

The book, which is beautifully illustrated by fellow Andy and Christchurch resident Andy Knopp, uses rhyme and rhythm to teach the three strands to children and those reading it to them.

“It’s a great book for children from three to one-hundred-and-three!”

Books are $20 and are available online at, or click here: 

or with cash from the St Barnabas parish office.

By Jo Cotton