A lovely gathering of folk from the Russley Village and Ashley Suites attended the morning tea and service, along with some of the St Barnabas Clergy and staff.

The Russley Village put on a splendid morning tea for us all and then we headed upstairs to the Lancaster Room to share Communion together. Rev. Jenny spoke about Jesus meeting two believers on the road to Emmaus. She had a beautiful picture of an Icon of the reading from Luke 24:13-35, which has a distinctly Kiwi feel about it with our Canterbury mountain ranges in the background and ferns and cabbage trees as part of the scenery. The two people are depicted as a man Cleopas and his wife, having a discussion with Jesus. It is a very beautiful painting, the original of this icon is in the Chapel at Holy Trinity, Avonside.

It was lovely to share communion with those who attended, and to see faces we haven’t seen for a while and to meet some new people who have moved to the Village. Thanks to Lesley Whitmore who helped to organise such a great event.

While we were having morning tea in the cafe, there was a speaker there who was talking about Ukraine, and some of the conditions they are living under, such as the winters getting down to minus 15 degrees celsius! A number of the Russley Village residents had donated warm clothing and a group had been knitting up a storm and had knitted many beautiful and colourful blankets, hats, scarves, and shawls. These will all be sent over to Ukraine for distribution to those who need them. Well done, Russley!

By Jo Cotton