The Anglican Church is responding to the needs of those affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. Anglican Missions (through its aid and development wing Anglican World Aid) will help coordinate the Church’s financial and operational response to Cyclone Gabrielle as part of the wider Hāpaitia response.

Hāpaitia means to lift up, share and support a burden. This is the name we’ve chosen to represent the united Anglican Church in this response. Hāpaitia will focus on four key areas:

· providing support for Wairua (spiritual, pastoral and theological support),

· Tinana (care for physical and structural wellbeing),

· Pūtea (financial aid) and

· Kōrero (communications and storytelling).

This pledge stands not only for the following days and weeks, but throughout the journey to recovery. 

Through your donations, you can put the love of God into action and help shoulder the burden of those who have been most affected by this natural disaster. Donate here. All donations to this appeal are tax deductible – provide your email address for a tax receipt.

By Jenny Wilkens