This year I have been studying through Theology House, doing some papers through St John’s College, Auckland.

 First up was ‘The New Testament’ followed by ‘The Journey Towards Being Anglican in Aotearoa New Zealand’ and I finished with ‘Preaching in our Time’. I found all the courses really interesting and sometimes challenging. I also got to meet other Anglicans, all ages from all over Aotearoa from the comfort of my own home.

All the study is done via Zoom class once a week, from 7pm-9pm. You can do the courses for fun without the assignments, or for credits and even work towards a Diploma. If you are an Anglican, the courses are only $50 each and you can even get funding through the diocese.

If you are interested in doing study next year, have a look at the Theology House website: you are considering starting study or continuing with an existing programme, there will be some great options available in 2023. Regardless of what programme you are considering or whether you are new or an experienced student, Theology House is here to advise and help you on the journey. Our theological library and other resources are available whether you’re in formal study or following your own journey of discovery. Courses that we will offer next year will be a mix of being available online and some weekend courses.”

Or ring Theology House 03 341 3399 hours Mon-Fri 9.30am-4pm. If you would like to know more, please contact me and I can also help organise any funding. Jo Cotton

By Jo Cotton