St Barnabas Eco-Champion Lynn Kim encourages us to get behind Plastic Free July.

Plastic free July is here! This is your reminder to glance over your bins and notice what kinds of plastic you use the most. There are plenty of alternatives for common household plastics, such as beeswax wraps instead of cling film, paper bags for bin liners, stainless steel food boxes, solid shampoo/conditioner, cloth bags for produce, solid dishwashing soap, and much more. 

I challenge you to use these alternatives and send a photo to for spot prizes! Get in touch anytime for more eco living tips.

The June Eco Church NZ newsletter featured a story from Kaikoura’s St Peter’s Anglican Church. They have been helping the endangered Hutton’s Shearwater birds. These birds breed in the mountains of the Kaikoura ranges and in March and April the fledglings leave their nests and head to the ocean at night. Because of artificial lights shining on the road, the birds confuse it for moonlight on the sea and crash on land. They cannot take off from land once they have crash-landed, so volunteers from St Peter’s Church patrol the roads to rescue these crash-landed birds before they are killed by vehicles or cats. The rescued birds spend a night at a shelter called Huttons’ Hub before being checked and released at sea. “Watching the shearwaters soaring above the waves in the summer months feels intensely personal and wondrous after involvement in the seasonal rescue efforts.”

P.S Lynn is moving to Korea in September and needs you to join the St Barnabas Eco Church team! If you are interested, email Lynn or contact 027 326 3522. 

By Lynn Kim