Wayne and Diana Hann have been volunteering at St Barnabas since 1979.

Wayne became the Secretary of the St Barnabas Trust from its inception. Along with Bill Ball, he started the Men’s Group, and he has been on the Vestry, the financial admin team, the banker’s team as convenor, the Home Communion team, a communion assistant, a reader, Vicar’s Warden for John Day, and Verger as required, as well as being in the Choir for 43 years. 

Wayne enjoys getting involved with the social aspects of the Parish and feels that through God he has been given the ability to serve Christ and the Church as a volunteer.

Diana does a wonderful job running the PowerPoint on Sundays and at InBetweens, Garden club, and some funerals.

She has been part of the InBetweens group and a committee member on various occasions. Diana is also one of our bellringers and has been clambering up the ladder to the bell tower for over 20 years. Diana said her parents had set an example to her of serving others and she has continued that tradition in her own life. St Barnabas has reaped the benefits.

Together they have served as Welcomers, serving morning teas, helping at the Selwyn Group, and delivering the Mooring Post. 

They both said they love being part of the St Barnabas family and get a tremendous amount of satisfaction in the service they have done and continue to do for St Barnabas. It gives them a sense of well-being and they have found volunteering has helped during some stressful times, especially during their working life.  It was a way to de-stress and gave them a sense of purpose. They both feel blessed that they are able to contribute to the life of the Parish.

If you would like to volunteer some of your time and talents at St Barnabas, please talk to Jo Cotton, our Pastoral Care Coordinator, or one of the clergy. We would love to hear from you and help you find a place to serve – a great way to meet and get to know other people in the St Barnabas community. 

By Jo Cotton