This month we are celebrating some of our many volunteers by sharing their stories. Nicholas Baker is a familiar face around St Barnabas both in and outside the church.

Nicholas Baker is one of our many outstanding volunteers. Those of you who attend the 9am service will recognise Nicholas as the Crucifer. If you are unfamiliar with a Crucifer, it is someone who carries a cross, especially at the head of an ecclesiastical procession.

Nicholas has been carrying the cross at St. Barnabas for 31 years and first started when Reg Hall was here. Nicholas says he is devoted to the church and takes his job very seriously, especially as he sees the role as being spiritually uplifting for people.

His mum Jane says how much it means to them both that a person with a disability is valued in such a prominent position.

In 2011 Nicholas was presented with a certificate for his 20 years of Faithful Service from Bishop Victoria.

But that is not the only thing he does. On his day off from working at Nurse Maude, Nicholas can be found on a Friday at St Barnabas volunteering his time vacuuming the church, raking leaves, and rubbish duties, helping Marion in the office, helping Greg out with odd jobs, and helping Carol with getting the flower arranging stuff off the high shelves. He says that his favourite thing is vacuuming, and he especially enjoys the morning teas. He also delivers the Mooring Post in his area.

Nicholas says that he finds volunteering very fulfilling, and meaningful. It is a huge part of his life that has increased his self-worth and self-esteem.

By Jo Cotton