Defend Faith, Navigate Culture, Reach People

Are you struggling to share your Christian faith as our culture becomes increasingly hostile to Christianity? 

Our team at Thinking Matters believes ALL Christians can feel confident in sharing their faith to their friends, family, co-workers, and strangers, in a way that reveals the truth, reality, and love of God. We believe there is no reason to be afraid of being questioned about your faith in Jesus or the Christian Worldview because we know Christianity has answers our culture desperately needs.

Join us at our Confident Christianity Conference where we will help you overcome some of the toughest questions facing Christians today. This year’s speakers aim to give you confidence on the rationality of your faith and worldview, helping you better engage with our current culture, something we know sits in the heart of every believer.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Some of the Topics are:

A Solid Foundation: Why we can trust the Resurrection

Where is God when life gets hard?

Guns & Bibles: Is Christianity to be rejected by indigenous peoples?

Faith & Climate Change

Give me Two Minutes: A roadmap for starting workplace conversations.

Some of The Presenters:

Simon Edwards – live streaming from Oxford, England Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics

Eric George – Director of Maori and Pasifika Thinking Matters

Aidan Harrison – Te Reo and Maori History Teacher Middleton Grange High School

Lou Phillips – livestreaming from Atlanta, Georgia Lighten Group

For more information on the topics and presenters, you can click here: 

The conference will be held at Hope Presbyterian Church, Hornby, Friday night 10 June and Sat 11 June 2022.

Tickets are available for the Christchurch Conference from this link here: 

Jo Cotton and Jonathan McMillan attended this Conference last year and are happy to commend it to others or answer questions. 

By Jo Cotton