Looking for some thought-provoking and interesting movies to go to on your Wednesday evenings during June?

Once again Don Rowlands brings us four fascinating movies that will encourage us to think and create some good discussion afterward. These movie nights feature a movie with a shared meal and discussion. More details of how to book at foot of this article.

As it is in Heaven. June 1

Tells the story of a choir leader confronted with domestic violence who helps to transform a church choir into a loving community, and asks the questions ‘How would we respond to the contemporary Jesus in our midst?’ ‘Who is my neighbour?’ This movie won best Foreign Film 2005.

The Passion of the Christ. June 8

The Latin origins of the word “passion” refer to suffering and pain. Christ’s love for humankind made him willing to suffer and die for us. Mel Gibson’s film will break with the tradition of turning Jesus and his disciples into neat, clean, well-barbered middle-class businessmen. They were poor men, in a poor land. This is a personal message movie of the most radical kind. Warning: Contains graphic violence

Land. June 22

Director Robin Wright also stars as Eddee who is isolated emotionally by a horrible tragedy and the lingering grief that has made her suicidal. Almost as if she’s trying to mirror how alone she feels on the inside, she isolates herself physically too, going to a remote cabin and trying to live off the land. Wright’s film is a lyrical character study about two deeply pained people who find purpose in one another. Even as the vast landscape around them seems to recall the insignificance of one person against the beauty of Mother Nature, “Land” suggests that isolation isn’t the answer and connection is what matters.

Corpus Christi. June 29

“Each of us is the priest of Christ” a juvenile detention centre priest tells the members of his wayward flock, advice one of them takes very literally to heart in this Polish drama. The script is inspired by true events, although it sounds like an insane premise. Daniel leaves the correctional centre at age 20 after serving time for unnamed crimes, wanting to become a priest, but his criminal background prevents him from pursuing his dream. So, he pretends to be a priest. The vicar of a church meets Daniel wholly believing his lie and leaves him in charge of the church while he is away. “Corpus Christi” raises intriguing questions about when it’s OK to fudge the truth—or in Daniel’s case, fabricate an entire persona and represent yourself as an ordained man of faith. Certainly, he means well, but he’s encouraging people to make themselves vulnerable and trust their secrets—nay, their very souls—to him, a privilege he hasn’t earned.

These movies will run over four Wednesday nights on June 1st, 8th, 22nd & 29th 

@6.30pm-9pm in the Tui Room, St Barnabas Centre.

Please bring finger food to share, soup and buns provided.

All movies are followed by a group discussion.

All Enquires and RSVP to Don Rowlands on 

03 388 6882 or 027 688 2061.

All Welcome, bring your whānau and friends!

By Jo Cotton