Medbury Year 1 boys were pleased to show me the great collection of cans and other Harvest goodies they had put together to go to help out other children their size through the City Mission.

We held a well ventilated Harvest service outside in the shade under the trees on a very warm Canterbury day. The Year 1-4 boys worked that if 1 boy = our team of 5 million, it took 8 boys all up to represent 40 million people which is the number the total food production in NZ can feed. The boys also warmly encouraged their teachers, when they had to eat a banana with their arms outstretched, that the only way to do it was to help each other and to share. One of the boys read a message from the City Missioner, Matthew Mark, thanking them for their donations of food to the City Mission, and encouraging them to keep on sharing the good things of God’s creation with those in our city and world.   

By Jenny Wilkens