Hall Roof

As I write, a couple of builders are balancing precariously on our roof getting ready to affix the new slates which have come all the way from Canada. Of course I have to keep an eye on them for purposes of health and safety! It is good to see the hall renovation progressing.

Church Family

It’s been very good to see good numbers at both our Playgroup and mainly music sessions this week. Despite increasing Omicron numbers across our schools and universities, families are still finding it important and vital to get out and socialise, and find support and encouragement in anxious times. We are doing our best to keep things going as normal while still fulfilling all the health requirements as best we can.

In visiting a couple of our older parishioners in their 90s this week, I’m very aware too of how many are needing to shelter at home at present, and some find this quite lonely. Thank you for keeping in touch as you can with a phone call or popping in for a chat even in the garden or on a well-ventilated doorstep! Many of our hospitals and retirement villages are under various levels of lockdown, with those in memory care or hospital level care not able to receive visitors. For some, this means couples are separated at the moment. As our pastoral visiting and services are severely limited at present, we are grateful for parishioners in our retirement villages who are keeping in touch with each other well. Jo has been posting in plenty of St Barnabas reading matter which is also much appreciated.

Ukraine Appeal

Our hearts and prayers continue to be with the people of Ukraine. CWS (Christian World Service) our churches’ ecumenical aid agency has launched an appeal for Ukrainian refugees which you are encouraged to support online. [see article: NZ Churches to support Ukrainian refugees]

Parish Consultation: Do complete the survey [attached in article in this Connect] and return to the Parish Office by March 16th—now’s your chance to have your say!

Arohanui, Rev Jenny

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