St Barnabas Fendalton Trust

A Message From The Fundraisers

St Barnabas has been a vital part of the Fendalton community since the early days of the Canterbury settlement and was originally built as a memorial church honouring those who died in World War I. St Barnabas is a Category 1 listed building with the Historic Places Trust.

In the February 2011 earthquake St Barnabas was significantly damaged. Because the bell tower moved relative to the rest of the building there was considerable damage to the north walls as well as to the east and west gable ends. Many stained glass windows were also damaged.

In spite of the insurance cover the parish had, there will still be a shortfall as a result of the policy excess, costs involved in strengthening the building to 67% of the new building standard, other compliance costs and of course the need to undertake building maintenance at the same time.

Significant damage on the east gable end

We Need Your Donation!

Because of the need to raise funds for this work, Vestry formed the St Barnabas Fendalton Trust so that donations received for this work could be protected. We wanted to restore our beautiful, historic church for our community and for future generations. To do it we need your support!  Click here for a copy of our information brochure.

Your donation will help us rebuild and strengthen St Barnabas so that the public can use this wonderful community facility with confidence. We need to raise $1 million to make this happen. Please consider this request favourably and make your donation.

It is vitally important that St Barnabas is repaired, strengthened and opened for use again as soon as possible. Our parish offers ministries and a place to belong for children, youth, families, the needy, elderly and everyone in between.

 The majority of stained glass windows have been removed and are currently being repaired

Spiritual Hub for the Community

Large numbers of people find at St Barnabas a vibrant, Christian family to belong to and we require our buildings to support these ministries.

St Barnabas also offers support and meaning to members of the community at the most significant times of life – Weddings, Funerals, and Baptisms. It is important that the community continues to gather and celebrate these turning points in our beautiful church. Our weekly worship services also offer people a way to express hope and sadness and receive strength and grace to keep rebuilding our community and our lives.

How Your Donation Will Be Used

All donations will go directly to the repair and strengthening of St Barnabas church, the maintenance requirements of parish buildings and future capital needs. This will not only return our facilities to a good condition but ensure that future generations can have the privilege of using our historic church and buildings. The bell tower, walls and stained glass windows will all be repaired. Low viscosity grout will be pumped into the core of the walls to improve the strength and earthquake performance of the whole structure. The roof, which is already 100% of new building standard, will be fixed more securely to the walls. Structural elements will be installed to strengthen the building to 67% of New Building Standard.

How To Donate

  • Click here for a copy of our information brochure
  • Make a donation directly to our bank account which is 01 0819 0003971 000
  • All donations will be acknowledged by the St Barnabas Fendalton Trust.
  • A receipt will be issued for tax purposes.
  • All donors will be thanked and listed on this website unless anonymity is preferred.
  • Donors will receive regular updates (via email or post) on how their contributions are helping to rebuild and strengthen St Barnabas Church.
  • The St Barnabas Fendalton Trust is registered with the Charities Commission Registration Number: CC48304

One day the props will be gone!