Spiritual Growth and Learning

Mid Week Seminars

Each year we organise a three week mid week series on a book of the Bible or theme. Last year we looked at Anglicanism - Liturgy, Pastoral Care and Baptism. In the third term Dr Richard Neville led a series on the Wisdom literature from the Old Testament – Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes – 'How can we learn from the wisdom of Ancient Israel and apply it to contemporary life.'  It was fantastic!

Recently we were blessed to have the Rev. Spanky Moore come share with us on the importance and centrality of small groups to developing a discipleship culture. The Rev. Dr. Peter Carrell also visited us at the start of our Lenten study period and spoke about the Gospel of Mark and Stewardship.

Sermon Series

Here at St Barnabas we occasionally break away from our set Scripture readings and delve in to a short series or two. For example, our parish whanau has just concluded a sermon series on the importance and centrality of good stewardship! Our evening congregation, Antioch, has also just finished a series exploring the Biblical mandate for personal, social, and environmental restoration! Currently Antioch is undertaking a short sermon series on the book of Ephesians while the wider parish is continuing to follow our set Scripture readings as per the lectionary.

Prayer Ministry

We believe in the power and importance of prayer ministry. As such, here at St Barnabas we make sure that prayer ministry is made available both on Sundays and throughout the week. If you have a prayer request or would like more information please contact the Parish Office on 351 7064.

Parish Prayer Meeting

Contact Angela Brown on 027 335 0105. The group meets fortnightly for prayer for the parish, community and world.


A quiet, reflective time using creative ways to engage with God. It meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in the Makora Room. Contact Diane Brooker Newton on 351 5778 for more information.

Parish Small Groups

There are a growing number of mid-week Bible Study groups in the parish meeting at different times and places throughout Christchurch. Speak to the Vicar or to Rev. Harry Newton if you’d like to join a group or simply get some more info!

Below is a small sample of some of our Small Groups which meet together regularly to eat, pray, read and study the Scriptures.

Women at the Well

This is a Bible Study group for women meeting at 9.30 on Tuesday mornings. The group begins with tea or coffee – there is a crèche available – and then they move to the ‘Upper Room’ for the study of the scriptures, prayer and support. Call Pip on 351 7392 for more information.


This group meets each month exploring themes in contemporary Christianity – all welcome. Phone the Parish Office for more information.


This is a men’s group that grew out of Lifestreams. They meet each week looking to grow through engagement with God’s word, being accountable and encouraging each other in faith. Phone the Parish Office on 351 7064 for more information.
Early members of the Blacksmiths group