How to get involved at St Barnabas

An Invitation

Our parish is a community of ordinary people seeking to follow Jesus and extending God’s love in our families, places of work and community. We do this in a whole variety of ways. We invite you to become part of our church family by attending a worship service and getting involved in some way.

We have groups and activities for all ages and stages:

Fun and learning at Fridayzone

Small Groups

Being part of a small group for Bible study, fellowship and prayer is an important way to follow Jesus and grow in faith. The parish has a number of groups meeting at different times and places so it’s possible to find your niche. See Rev Harry for more information.

Dinners for Eight

Each winter, from June till October, the parish runs a programme called 'Dinners for Eight.' Once a month we get together with 7 other people to share a meal. The final meal is a banquet for everyone which includes entertainment and lots of laughter! Because we have so many congregations this is an important way of meeting people who call St Barnabas home but worship at a different time.


This is a way of declaring your faith publicly and is especially appropriate for those baptized as infants or those seeking to make a declaration of faith or moving to our parish from another denomination.

Our next Confirmation Service will take place on February 26, 2017 - the Sunday after the church is re-opened! This will be a great way to signal that we want to use our strengthened church to help strengthen faith! If you would like to be confirmed please see the Vicar or ring the Parish Office.

  Confirmation 2015

Welcoming and Hospitality

Part of belonging involves making a decision to serve someone else – and that's why volunteering in some ministry area is so important – you serve God, the community, and also, as a spin off, you feel more at home! If you would like to join a welcoming or hospitality team please see one of the parish staff – greeting or pouring tea will really help!


Choir: If you are interested in singing and would like to join either the Sunday morning or Sunday evening choir please contact Denis Guyan on 343 4074.

Lifestreams Band: If you sing or play an instrument and would like to join the Lifestreams Band please contact Emma Parkes on 021 0825 2276.

Belonging to St Barnabas

See the Vicar or phone the office if you’d like to join the parish, receive the monthly magazine, give financially to the mission of our parish or get involved in any other way.