Parish Fundraising

The Goal

The Fundraising Group is part of the St Barnabas Fendalton Trust raising money for the repair and maintenance of parish buildings. It makes economic and practical sense to complete this maintenance work at the same time as the earthquake damage is repaired. Our goal is to raise $70,000 each year over the next few years through a whole range of events. It’s part of our major goal of raising $1,600,000 to repair and ‘future proof’ our buildings for the next generation.

An equally important goal is to have loads of fun in the process – to deepen fellowship and to serve the community. We have a great Fundraising Team but are open to new members. Thanks so much to Laura Murray for taking over as the new Chair!

Cam, Steve, Patsy, Laura, Mark and Sandra - hard working Fundraising Team

Fundraising Events for 2016

  •  Quiz Night - 27 Feb - COMPLETE

  • Bunnings Stocktake - 8 March - COMPLETE

  • Art Gallery Tour - 4 May - COMPLETE

  • Sponsored Walk/Run - 5 June - COMPLETE

  • Book Fair - 23 July - COMPLETE

  • Liz Braggins Concert - 30 July - COMPLETE

  • Denis Guyan Organ Concert - 14 August - COMPLETE

  • Clothing Sale #1 - 3 September - COMPLETE

  • Clothing Sale #2 - 1 October

  • Restoration House and Garden Tour - 26 November



Our resident clown embraces the opportunity to entertain at last year's Fair.