Earthquake Repairs and Maintenance

Don Mackenzie (left) is the Project Manager for the Parish Betterment Works

Church Repair Update

Lunds continue to make great progress repairing and strengthening St Barnabas Church. All the transverse ties which strengthen the corners of the building have been installed. The last of the small diameter pins are also being installed – these pins strengthen the walls by connecting inside, core and outside layers together.

Most of the pattress plates have been installed – you’ll see these on all the gable ends. These plates and through-bolts more firmly connect the gable ends with the roof diaphragm and end trusses. They will be one of the few visible reminders of the earthquake and the subsequent repairs and strengthening that took place.

The sprinkler pipes are also being installed – they are being painted brown to reduce their visual impact. The sprinkler system valve house is being constructed near the North West corner of the car park. It will be a plastered concrete block construction with a roof that matches the church roof.

The stone masons have also been busy finishing off the wall straightening on the north west side. They have almost finished repairing the small window on the west side of the tower. Stewart Stained Glass, who are repairing the stained glass windows, have been on site to measure the openings and get ready for installation.

Next week tradesmen will being injecting the specialist Mapei grout into the concrete core in all the walls. This high-tech, low viscosity grout, will fill all the voids, strengthen the walls and increase the resilience of the entire structure.

The project team received a report from a roofing expert recently which indicated that the lead lined roof valleys had, after 90 years, become very thin and needed to be replaced. There has already been one significant leak where failure of the lead has taken place. This repair is not part of the contract but must be done at this time. Vestry have asked that a quote be sought for a full roof repair.

Building Maintenance

The parish’s goal is to bring the maintenance of all parish buildings up to date at the same time as earthquake repairs are being made. This is a cost effective way of maintaining our buildings. It also means that earthquake repairs are not then compromised by poorly maintained roofs, spouting, windows and doors.

 Window frames being repaired

Funding St Barnabas Repairs

If you would like to contribute to the repair and strengthening of St Barnabas and to the repair and maintenance of other parish buildings we invite you to make a donation to the St Barnabas Fendalton Trust. This Trust has been set up as a vehicle for fundraising so that the historic church of St Barnabas is repaired, strengthened and once again used as a central community venue in Fendalton. To make a donation simply call the Parish Office and ask for an information pack which will give you more details. As well as that, a Trust visitor would be happy to call on you and present information relating to the repair of the church. The Trust’s goal is to raise $1,600,000 to secure the future of our heritage buildings.