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St Barnabas is a diverse Anglican Church and we love welcoming newcomers and helping them to feel at home. Each week we celebrate God’s amazing welcome as we share in communion and so it’s natural for us to want to share that welcome to others. So why not join us at any of our regular weekly meeting times – you’ll find friendship and a community to share the journey of faith with. 


In the movie ‘About a Boy’ the character Will (played by Hugh Grant) talked about being connected underneath like ‘island chains’ – we know all about that in Aotearoa! Anyway that’s what it’s like at St Barnabas.  We’re all connected – part of a community of those who believe and follow Jesus Christ. God calls us to be connected with him and each other, to reach out and care for one another. We’re a work in progress but that’s what we’re striving to be. There’s lots of space for you to be part of our community too!


If you feel ready, you can put your roots down at St Barnabas, become established and begin to participate and contribute to what God is doing in our community. Involvement is the route to belonging – the more you give of your gifts, time and talents and invest in the community the stronger your sense of belonging. At St Barnabas there’s a place for everyone with lots of ways to contribute – from serving in some way during worship, leading a group, helping with children or youth and using your practical skill to support others. We’re a growing, serving community – with lots of options for involvement!

‘Welcome to St Barnabas’ - Rev Mark Chamberlain

Shaking it up at Mainly Music

St Barnabas - a diverse family, a place for everyone

Alpha Life

Why try alpha LIFE?
Socrates famously said, ‘An unexamined LIFE is not worth living.’ Sometimes it’s easier not to ask questions but we think LIFE is worth exploring. Alpha LIFE course is essentially “Alpha” UK rebranded here at St Barnabas. Alpha runs in churches, bars, cafes, and homes around the country and around the globe. The course is for anyone who is curious. 24 million people have tried alpha in 169 countries and 112 languages.

Introductory Banquet
Alpha LIFE begins with an amazing introductory banquet (July 23). Come along for a sneak peak. Dinner is at 7pm with winter wine and live Jazz followed by an inspiring story and the alpha introduction DVD, coffee and tea. The evening ends by 9pm. RSVP for catering with your name, email and phone by Sunday 20th July to alphalife@stbarnabas.org.nz

So what exactly is ‘alpha LIFE course’?
It is just the ticket for anyone asking the big curly questions in life, and those wanting to refresh their faith. It’s about what meaning do we give our lives? Is there an ultimate meaning to life? And if there is, can we know it and can we experience it? That sort of thing. No question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish. We don’t assume any background knowledge of or belief in Christianity and everyone is welcome. 

Course dates and 7pm dinners

July 23;  Banquet
July 30;  Week 1
Aug 6;    Week 2
Aug 13;  Week 3
Aug 20;  Week 4
Aug 27;  Week 5
Aug 30-31, day/night Hanmer
Sept 2;   Week 6 (Tuesday)
Sept 10; Week 7

Alpha LIFE is worth exploring...

Dinner is served at 7pm each night. The evenings will finish at 9pm. Any additional information can be found on our website at stbarnabas.org.nz or email alphalife@stbarnabas.org.nz

(Please note that there is a change to Tuesday Sept 2nd because of the conference hall booking of Peter Lineham ‘200 Years of Anglicanism in New Zealand: A Stock Take’).

Alpha Life

What’s the format?
This course is a relaxed and low-key way for you and your friends to ask the tricky questions and also to consider some of ours over a yummy dinner followed by a brief presentation on one aspect of the theme of meaning. This is followed by coffee and discussion groups. Dinner is served from 7pm and we finish by 9.00pm. People rave about the food, the music, the inspiring stories, the great hosts and enjoy having time to chat in a relaxed setting. The course runs over 7 weeks. You don’t have to come for the whole term – just pop along for the first session and see what you think. No pressure. If you decide it's not your thing, that’s all good – no obligations, no expectations. It includes a no obligation day and/or night away for those that are keen on the winter wonderland of Hanmer. Why not join us and come along for the ride!

What is alpha LIFE?

Corner Fendalton Road and Tui Street
Christchurch 8041
Telephone: (03) 351 7064
Email: office@stbarnabas.org.nz



We welcome Bishop Victoria this morning as she comes to confirm Jan Cameron, Rena Hamilton, Elliot Luo and Lily Zhu. We have been meeting for many weeks now and have formed a great bond as we have studied the scriptures, discussed the Christian life and prayed together. I believe that Jan, Rena, Elliot and Lily are now ready to be confirmed and publically declare their faith in Christ. It is a privilege for us all to witness their confirmation and I hope that their promises will encourage our own walk with Christ.

Vicar’s Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical Leave is an important feature of ordained ministry and this happens about every seven years. It is an opportunity for renewal of faith and vocation, recreation, learning and quiet reflection on the ways God is moving by his Spirit in my life and the parish. My Sabbatical will cover the months of July, August and September and my first Sunday back will be Sunday 5 October. My basic itinerary is as follows. 4 – 11 July – Retreat in Wellington; 18 July – 1 August – Summer School at Regent College in Vancouver; 2 – 19 August visit with my son and daughter in law in Victoria; 20 – 23 August stopover in Melbourne; 1 – 20 September – further retreat, recreation and study at Mairehau in the Nelson region. Thank you for your prayers and support. Next week I will publish the ministry arrangements that have been put in place in my absence.

Meeting with CPT

During the week Don Mackenzie, Steve Wakefield, Chris Wilson and I met with our project manager and two representatives of CPT. The general principle of CPT paying for building repairs from its insurance payout and the parish paying for any betterment was confirmed. We also made progress on establishing a pre-construction timeline which all parties agreed to. Because the engineering design and scope of work has already been completed to a high standard, the project manager is in a position to assemble all tender documents and go out for tender in the very near future.

Arohanui, Mark