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St Barnabas is a diverse Anglican Church and we love welcoming newcomers and helping them to feel at home. Each week we celebrate God’s amazing welcome as we share in communion and so it’s natural for us to want to share that welcome to others. So why not join us at any of our regular weekly meeting times – you’ll find friendship and a community to share the journey of faith with. 


In the movie ‘About a Boy’ the character Will (played by Hugh Grant) talked about being connected underneath like ‘island chains’ – we know all about that in Aotearoa! Anyway that’s what it’s like at St Barnabas.  We’re all connected – part of a community of those who believe and follow Jesus Christ. God calls us to be connected with him and each other, to reach out and care for one another. We’re a work in progress but that’s what we’re striving to be. There’s lots of space for you to be part of our community too!


If you feel ready, you can put your roots down at St Barnabas, become established and begin to participate and contribute to what God is doing in our community. Involvement is the route to belonging – the more you give of your gifts, time and talents and invest in the community the stronger your sense of belonging. At St Barnabas there’s a place for everyone with lots of ways to contribute – from serving in some way during worship, leading a group, helping with children or youth and using your practical skill to support others. We’re a growing, serving community – with lots of options for involvement!

‘Welcome to St Barnabas’ - Rev Mark Chamberlain

Music, friendship and fun at Mainly Music

St Barnabas - a diverse family and a place for everyone

Worship at St Barnabas


8am - Quiet traditional communion service

9.30am - Festive communion with choir twice a month

10am - 'Lifestreams' - contemporary service with band and children's ministry

12 Noon Tongan Service

5pm - Evensong/Night Prayer/Eucharist with the Parish Choir

7pm - 'Antioch' - contemporary service with band for youth, young adults - everyone welcome

Wednesday at 8.45am - quite early morning communion - all welcome

Thursday at 10am - traditional communion with hymn

Alpha is coming on July 12!

Want to explore the big questions of life and faith? Come to an Alpha Course at St
Barnabas. Run all over the globe, Alpha is designed to engage and inspire
conversation and discussion. Everyone is welcome.

The course runs for 11 weeks and each week there is a 30 minute talk followed by
discussion in a group. Topics include the big issues of faith and the basics of
Christianity. The questions discussed range from Who is Jesus? and How can we
have faith? to Why and how do I pray? and How does God guide us?

The most important part is the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic and
to hear from the experience of others. There's no obligation to say anything and
there is no question that is out of bounds (seriously!). It's an opportunity to hear from
others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open

Sign up by emailing or phoning the parish office on 351 7064.

Senior Assistant Priest

Following Mary Minson's plans to move into Hospital Chaplaincy, we have a vacancy for a Senior Assistant Priest to join the parish team. Please click on this link for more information. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the Vicar.

Assistant Children's Worker

We are seeking to appoint an Assistant Children’s Worker for 5 hrs/week to take responsibly for the Sunday Children’s Ministry we call ‘Kidzone.’ A further role of Small Group Coordinator may also be considered for a further 5 hrs/week.

Applicants are encouraged to look at this website for more information about the parish. Applications must include a CV, a written response to this advertisement and a statement about your personal approach to children’s ministry. Please email your application to by 5pm on Friday 20 July. Phone the Vicar on 0274327474 if you would like to discuss the position further.

Click here for a copy of the Job Description

Corner Fendalton Road and Tui Street
Christchurch 8041
Telephone: (03) 351 7064

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A note from the Senior Assistant Priest:

Dear friends. It has been good to be among you. Our gospel this week is part of a whole chapter in Matthew 25, on pastoral care and encouragement. It seems a good note to finish on. “Love one another as I have loved you”.  Keep in touch with one another; reach out that helping hand, whatever that looks like, when you are prompted. And remember that we are never expected to carry all the load ourselves. In the wonderful story of the rescue of the Thai boys and their coach, no one person rescued them alone. No one person carried all the skills. God never leaves us to carry the load alone, but constantly encourages us, by his love for us, to do our part. In the parish I see a huge weaving of interconnected care as people share God’s love. Nothing in life is static and so with change we also need to be alert to our changing environment.

God is an eternal Spring. Like the Season of Spring, in God we find new growth, and promise. We can shake off the old seasons as he leads us onward. God is also like a spring of water and we find refreshment. Then, too, spiritually, we find healing, and cleansing. We also find encouragement, hope and joy.

 Jesus promises to be a fountain of life to the thirsty. But have you noticed that the refreshing waters promised to the thirsty believer are not described as waters that simply quench our thirst, but rather as rivers of living waters that will flow out of our hearts. God’s love for this world flows outward . So it is to be with us by grace. 

Revd. Mary Minson