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St Barnabas is a diverse Anglican Church and we love welcoming newcomers and helping them to feel at home. Each week we celebrate God’s amazing welcome as we share in communion and so it’s natural for us to want to share that welcome to others. So why not join us at any of our regular weekly meeting times – you’ll find friendship and a community to share the journey of faith with. 


In the movie ‘About a Boy’ the character Will (played by Hugh Grant) talked about being connected underneath like ‘island chains’ – we know all about that in Aotearoa! Anyway that’s what it’s like at St Barnabas.  We’re all connected – part of a community of those who believe and follow Jesus Christ. God calls us to be connected with him and each other, to reach out and care for one another. We’re a work in progress but that’s what we’re striving to be. There’s lots of space for you to be part of our community too!


If you feel ready, you can put your roots down at St Barnabas, become established and begin to participate and contribute to what God is doing in our community. Involvement is the route to belonging – the more you give of your gifts, time and talents and invest in the community the stronger your sense of belonging. At St Barnabas there’s a place for everyone with lots of ways to contribute – from serving in some way during worship, leading a group, helping with children or youth and using your practical skill to support others. We’re a growing, serving community – with lots of options for involvement!

‘Welcome to St Barnabas’ - Rev Mark Chamberlain

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St Barnabas - a diverse family, a place for everyone

Regular Worship @ St Barnabas

  • 8am               Quiet Traditional
  • 9am               Sung Traditional
  • 10.30am       Family Service - 'Lifestreams'
  • 5pm               Traditional with Choir
  • 7pm               ‘Antioch’ – Contemporary
  • 10am              Quiet Traditional

Site Blessing Marks Beginning of Repairs

Parishioners braved a cold easterly wind on the afternoon of the Site Blessing Service on Sunday 17 July. The Bishop led the service sprinkling the site with holy water. Sophie Smith, who regularly attends Lifestreams with her Mum Karen and brother Sam, was asked to carry the bowl of water while the Bishop used a branch of rosemary to sprinkle water both outside and inside St Barnabas.

She prayed “Gracious God, encircle this church building with your protection. May your holy angels watch over those who work on this site. May it be a safe place for all. We pray in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Some followed her into the church to witness the beautiful interior of St Barnabas without the pews in place! The service concluded with Barry Brinson playing the wonderful hymn ‘All People That on Earth do Dwell.’

St Barnabas Day Sermon

What a fantastic patron saint - St Barnabas was full of encouragement! We recently celebrated our patronal festival - follow the link for a copy of the sermon or go here to listen.



Corner Fendalton Road and Tui Street
Christchurch 8041
Telephone: (03) 351 7064

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‘This Time Tomorrow’

Lifestreams has been experimenting recently with a ‘This Time Tomorrow’ segment in the service. A member of the congregation is interviewed briefly and asked what they will be doing ‘this time tomorrow.’ As a result we hear something of their ‘Monday to Saturday life’ and have the opportunity to pray for them and encourage them in their work, family life, recreation or whatever they will be doing ‘this time tomorrow.’ This is a simple way of acknowledging that we are all called by God to serve him wherever we may be. We’re also reminded that work is a God-given responsibility - we serve God through our work as well as contribute to the common good.

Community Board Funding

During the week we were informed that our annual ‘Strengthening Communities Fund’ applications with the Fendalton Waimairi Community Board were both successful. We received $10,000 for outreach to older adults and those who are socially isolated – Kofe and our visiting team are responsible for this ministry. The other $10,000 is for youth programmes and activities and Harry is responsible for this area. We are fortunate to have a great relationship with our Community Board – especially with Chair Val Carter, Deputy Chair David Cartwright and Counsellor Raf Manji. Harry and Kofe attend their community liaison meetings and we are in regular contact with Maryanne Lomax our Community Development Advisor.

Health and Safety

We have now completed the development of our parish Health and Safety policy and are in the process of implementing it. Greg Brown is responsible for much of this however Don Mackenzie is lending his support as our process ‘beds in.’ Four times a year the Works Team will convene as the ‘Health and Safety Committee’ to review policies, deal with hazards, review accidents or incidents and generally provide an overview of all aspects of Health and Safety on our site. If you are aware of any hazards or unsafe practices, please contact Greg or Don.

Arohanui, Mark