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St Barnabas is a diverse Anglican Church and we love welcoming newcomers and helping them to feel at home. Each week we celebrate God’s amazing welcome as we share in communion and so it’s natural for us to want to share that welcome to others. So why not join us at any of our regular weekly meeting times – you’ll find friendship and a community to share the journey of faith with. 


In the movie ‘About a Boy’ the character Will (played by Hugh Grant) talked about being connected underneath like ‘island chains’ – we know all about that in Aotearoa! Anyway that’s what it’s like at St Barnabas.  We’re all connected – part of a community of those who believe and follow Jesus Christ. God calls us to be connected with him and each other, to reach out and care for one another. We’re a work in progress but that’s what we’re striving to be. There’s lots of space for you to be part of our community too!


If you feel ready, you can put your roots down at St Barnabas, become established and begin to participate and contribute to what God is doing in our community. Involvement is the route to belonging – the more you give of your gifts, time and talents and invest in the community the stronger your sense of belonging. At St Barnabas there’s a place for everyone with lots of ways to contribute – from serving in some way during worship, leading a group, helping with children or youth and using your practical skill to support others. We’re a growing, serving community – with lots of options for involvement!

‘Welcome to St Barnabas’ - Rev Mark Chamberlain

Music, friendship and fun at Mainly Music

St Barnabas - a diverse family and a place for everyone

Worship at St Barnabas


8am - Quiet traditional communion service

9.30am - Festive communion with choir twice a month

10am - 'Lifestreams' - contemporary service with band and children's ministry

12 Noon Tongan Service

5pm - Evensong/Night Prayer/Eucharist with the Parish Choir

7pm - 'Antioch' - contemporary service with band for youth, young adults - everyone welcome

Wednesday at 8.45am - quite early morning communion - all welcome

Thursday at 10am - traditional communion with hymn


Corner Fendalton Road and Tui Street
Christchurch 8041
Telephone: (03) 351 7064

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Stewardship: Grateful thanks to the many committed members of our parish family who do so much to support our mission to ‘follow Jesus and extend God’s love’. We have published a brochure which will go in the latest Mooring Post so all parishioners have some idea of our how our income is spent, the positive impact we make in our community and an encouragement to review your giving. I invite you to read the material carefully and prayerfully. Thank you once again for your generosity which is expressed in so many ways!

Text Prayer Ministry: From Sunday 24 February our Pastoral Care Coordinator Watiri Maina will be taking over the coordination of this ministry from Angela Brown. It seemed appropriate that Watiri should undertake this role as part of her Pastoral role. If you have an urgent prayer need simply text, ring or email Watiri and she will text the 17 other people in this team who pray for the person in need. It’s a quick and efficient way of being responsive when there is an acute need. Thanks to all those who are on this team and drop everything to pray when they receive a text about a person in need.

Vicar General: Some of you will know by now that our new Bishop Peter has asked me to be his Vicar General and I have accepted. This will involve acting in his place when he is away from the Diocese and attending the Senior Leadership Team meeting of the Diocese once a month. A significant role will be chairing Standing Committee when Peter is absent. It is an honour to be asked to undertake this role and after discussion with the Wardens and one or two others I decided that this would be an important way of supporting Peter in his new role.

Arohanui, Mark